Wednesday, April 13, 2016

National Library Week

Designed by Gene Luen Yang,
an award-winning graphic novelist.
It's National Library Week, April 10 - 16, 2016.

The American Library Association [ALA] sponsored the first National Library Week, in 1958, to share a public awareness for libraries and an appreciation for librarians. The ALA continues to promote the use and support of libraries and library contributions across our nation every April.

Visit your local library and show your support to celebrate libraries. For more information about additional ideas check out I Love Libraries here.

The library is an important institution that offers many opportunities for families to learn and grow together. From wee little ones to *silver people* and every age in between, a library has something for everyone. All you need is a library card. 
Stack of books
National Library Week is a time to recognize the valuable contributions that libraries make for communities throughout the nation. From public libraries to school libraries, bookmobiles, and the Little Free Libraries throughout your neighborhood.

Participate in ALA's #LibrariesTransform public awareness promotion. Create your own Because Statement and fill in the blank by telling your story of why your library is important.

For more ALA celebrations throughout the month of April and throughout the remainder of the year check out this link about promotions and events

Remember eight year old RAMONA QUIMBY?
Happy Birthday
Beverly Cleary!
This week [and during the entire month of April] in honor of author Beverly Cleary's 100th birthday, let's make reading a priority. Let's Drop Everything and Read, D. E. A. R. with Ramona Quimby and a tall stack of books. 

That's what I am doing.

Mrs. Sue reads
during Literacy Night
at St. Michael's School

That's what my seven sweet and sometimes sassy grands are doing.
Oma Sue loves Johannah, Joshua & Jaxon.
Oma Sue loves Lily & Lane.
Oma Sue loves Charlotte.
Oma Sue loves Henry.
Remember to thank a librarian and the many dedicated professionals who work hard to make our libraries special. 

High five for fellow GROG authors and librarians: Todd Burleson, Marcie Flinchum Atkins, Kathy Halsey and Pat Miller. Thank you for the many hours spent in a library, motivating and sharing literacy with library patrons, story time readings, supporting children with independent research, selecting and classifying library sources, making book recommendations to teachers and students, and checking out, shelving many, many titles and much more.

Celebrate the love of literacy. Celebrate libraries.


  1. Wonderful post, Mrs. Suzy! Love the choices of Oma's grands. You have developed good readers in your family!

    1. I am quite certain that Tobin and Rosie love listening to stories you read to them, Kathy. Our grands are so precious.

  2. Great post! I just worked in our school library yesterday! Love spending time with kids in the library. And I'm pleased to say that our school has a DEAR time every day.

    And yesterday evening, I introduced our son to the wonders of a research librarian. He now understands just how valuable librarians are! Cheers to Ben Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, and our national library system!

    1. Your support of the GROG is appreciated, Jilanne.

      I am sure the school librarian appreciates your support. Wonderful to know that D.E.A.R. time is valued on campus.

      May your son be successful with his research.

      Thank you for the reminder of so many outstanding library systems throughout our nation.

  3. Lovely post! I love libraries!

    1. And I know your family appreciates libraries, too.

      Continue to share the love of libraries and literacy with your students, Tina.

  4. Such joy, this post is, Mrs. Sue!
    Love seeing the Library logo from Gene Luen Yang!
    Big fun to see you grands reading great titles. And to see your smiling coutenance at the school.
    And best of all, so happy to say
    THANK YOU with books on top, to our Group Blog librarians & also I'll add some dear to my heart:
    Adrian Fogelin - Front Porch Library
    Lenita Joe - Sealey E.S., retired but extremely active there
    Cay Hohmesiter - Leon Library
    & whole bunch more!

    1. Thank you for sharing some titles, Jan, that are dear to your heart . . . And a whole bunch more.
      ~Mrs. Sue

  5. Thank you for highlighting libraries and librarians, Suzy. I have joined the ranks, although with a degree in education rather than library sciences, I am officially a "Library Associate". I pulled together a fun display for Beverly Cleary's 100th birthday this past week, and the kids made birthday cards for her. We also pulled together a pile of books for kids to check out that are set in the library -- there are lots of them!

    1. Your library experience as a Library Associate must be filled with love, laughter and lots of literacy. Thank you for sharing your love of books with the library patrons. I look forward to hearing and seeing some pictures about the fantastic Beverly Cleary 100th BD celebration display.