Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Break & What to Do in the Meantime

 By Kathy Halsey and Leslie Tribble

Recharge with nature this summer.

We all know that a change in routine is good. As kids, we looked forward to summer break because, well, it was a BREAK. Here on the GROG, we will be taking the month of July off, but as Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to say, "I'll be back." 

During this break, take time to recharge. Do something new and exciting for yourself and/or your writing! Compare it to jumping off the high dive board when you were a kid. Go ahead, JUMP! Remember that exhilaration when you finally hit the water? Remember that plunge to the bottom and the surge to the surface? 

Jump on in the water's great!

Go ahead and do it this summer. Some of us are

  • reading in a new genre
  • exploring a new country or park
  • meeting new people
  • exchanging manuscripts with new critique partners
  • heading to a conference
  • joining writer groups like Teachers Write and KidLit Summer School

Get out of your natural habitat to inspire the creative juices.

What will you do? Share with us in the comments session. We'd like to hear about your plans. In the meantime, breathe in some wonderful photography here from one of our talented GROGgers, Leslie Colin Tribble. 

Happy Summer to all! We'll be back come August. Oh, and by the way, a few of us must scale back our posts due to published books coming out! Huzzah! 

Be curious about life!

So, if you are interested in being a guest GROGger after break, send one of us a FB private message.

See you then and thanks for supporting the GROG this year. We love the feedback and shares you've given us! 

Immerse yourself in some great literature!