Sunday, April 9, 2017


Give away day + links

Since not everyone could receive
one of the five JOHN RONALD'S DRAGONS
author Caroline McAlister,
at the end of this post we offer some
link treats.

Readers listed below will
receive the book by  
sending an email
subject: Group Blog John Ronald's Dragons
postal address
your email address
best telephone #  

to JGAoffice at gmail dot com
                            . . .
To all readers including the winners,
if you present a book talk,
create an article
or spread the news in interesting ways
Caroline McAlister & Eliza Wheeler's p.b. bio
of J.R.R. Tolkien,
you are welcome to share that goodness
with an email to the
same address above,
subject line: Group Blog John Ronald's Dragons.
Much appreciated.

A. L.
Debra W.  
Kathy H.
Linda B.
Congratulations! You won, so
we want the info - thanks.
Deep gratitude to Roaring Book/
Macmillain & Caroline McAlister.

Books are to be shipped from
publisher Roaring Brook/Macmillan;
allow several weeks. Group Blog is not
responsible for books shipped that
don't arrive. Please send info as asked
no later than Wed. April 26; an alternate
may replace a non-responder.

Appreciations are due the many,
many, many readers who took a look
at the Q/A.  We shall have to invite
Caroline McAlister back for a stroll
when her C.S. Lewis p.b. bio
launches, down the lane.


Hobbit Hole House for Chickens

This year is the 80th anniversary.

Backyard Hobbiton Joy.
Designed for his family by children's writer/poet William Peery.
                                  c. William Peery, all rights reserved, used with permission

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