Monday, July 3, 2017

GROG is on vacation.

Happy Summer, loyal readers.

The GROGgers are on vacation in July -- recharging, resting, and stopping to admire the spider webs.

Feel free to browse the archives . . . and of course, please stop by in August. 

We'll pick back up on August 7 with a report from a lucky elementary school teacher who was awarded a fellowship to travel to Svalbard, Norway, with a National Geographic expedition. 

Don't miss it, and meanwhile, enjoy July!


  1. Such wise words,Christy! As our temps hover near 100 with LOTS of humidity, thinking of leisure strolls through cool woods, and feeling the frigid rush of ice cold waters cools the body, mind and spirit!

  2. Enjoy the summer! Recharge! Rest! It's just what we all need. :)