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All About Leslie Colin Tribble and ADVENTURE GUIDE TO CODY

By Suzy Leopold

     Together let’s learn more about a fellow GROGger—an outdoor woman and her many passions, interests, and talents as an environmental educator, photographer, and freelance writer. 

Leslie Colin Tribble

     Along with writing and photography, sharing the love of nature education with adults and children is a passion of Leslie’s. So what better way to combine these interests into a guide filled with history and places to explore and discover in her book:

by Leslie Colin Tribble

Leslie wrote an adventure guide about Cody, Wyoming. Filled with beauty and adventure, Wyoming is for those who love the great outdoors--From national parks and monuments to hiking, biking, and skiing.

Several years ago, my Mom, sons, and I traveled US Route 85 along the eastern border of Wyoming. On a summer morning we began our road trip heading south after visiting Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills of South Dakota. The destination was Denver, Colorado. We passed through the rough and rugged rolling rangeland, beautiful buttes and wheat fields. The images remain in my memory. I look forward to an opportunity to revisit the many wonders of Wyoming. 

 Do you know the state motto and nickname for Wyoming is The Equality State? Wyoming was the first state to grant women the right to vote in 1869. Women were granted the right to vote to meet the population requirement for statehood. Wyoming became the 44th state in 1890.

Time to learn more about Leslie and her adventure guide.

Q1: Where did you find inspiration and ideas for writing this guide book? I’m quite certain your answer will include the words nature and outdoors found in the wonderful state of Wyoming.

Wyoming Prairie
A1: I wrote the original form of the articles as a commission from our local gear shop, Sunlight Sports. Although Sunlight retains rights to the original articles, they graciously agreed to me re-writing the information and publishing it in a book. There are a lot of people, both residents and visitors, who want to get out, but don’t know where to go. We are so blessed here to have access to thousands of acres of beautiful public wild lands literally within 5 minutes of downtown. I wanted to help folks find out about the beauty that’s right outside their doors and give them enough information to feel confident to go. 

Wyoming Wildflowers
Q2: The cover photo on an ADVENTURE GUIDE TO CODY is inviting. Tell us about the photography you chose throughout the book. Did you use special camera equipment for the beautifully captured photos?

A2: The cover photo isn’t mine - it’s a stock photo from CreateSpace. I couldn’t figure out how to upload one of my own! I actually take most of my photos on my cell phone - the cameras on the newer models are pretty incredible. I do have a Fuji mirrorless camera that I love but a lot of times I forget to take it with me. I rarely leave home without my phone and the best camera is the one you have with you. 

Q3: Share the steps you took to write and publish the

A3: Don’t let anyone tell you that self-publishing is easy! I didn’t find any part of the process easy. CreateSpace, or as it’s now know, Kindle Direct Publishing, does simplify the process, but there are a lot of hoops to jump through. One I had the book written, I had to figure out how to get it into KDP’s format. A lovely writer friend, Kathleen Birmingham told me about a company that sells programs that make it easier to upload your manuscript. I bought one of those and it really did make life so much easier. The most trouble I had was inserting the photos and keeping the formatting. I had a lot more photos I wanted to use, but in the end I only put in a few. Once you get green check marks from KDP on all the steps, you click publish and within 24 hours there’s your book on Amazon. That part was cool. And then getting the first copies in the mail. Yay!

Q4: Share your love for the beauty found in nature.
Tell us more about your love for hiking the great outdoors.

A4: As a child, I spent most of my time outside. I loved all things nature-related. Getting outside every day is my method of self-care. I love to be out, rain or shine, summer or winter. I think the saying, “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing choices,” is perfect. Some days I get in a lot of miles, other days I just wander and take a look at all the exquisite life around me. I’m not really a focused, goal-oriented hiker. If I make it to the destination or mileage, great. If not, I will have had a great time on the journey.
Backlit grasses of Wyoming
Walrus and Robbie--Two Adventure Dogs
Leslie and her Adventure Dogs
Q5: When out and about, Walrus, the grand dog and Robbie, the adventure dog, sometimes roam with you. Tell us more about these sweet pups.
A5: Robbie, the Adventure Dog, goes with me every day. He’s an almost 7 year old half-lab, half border collie. I got him in a bit of an unusual way. Someone in town advertised a little point-and-shoot camera for sale that I went to look at. The family lived “on the wrong side of the tracks” and I knew that although I didn’t really want the camera, I’d take it because I figured they could use the money. But I’d forgotten to bring cash or my checkbook, so I went to the bank and returned a little later. A small black puppy came over to me, sat down, leaned against my leg and looked up at me with these huge, sad Labrador Retriever eyes. I knew right then that puppy was coming home with me somehow. The person I was buying the camera from said, “Oh he likes you, you can take him too.” So I did! Walrus, the Granddog, and his new brother, Anchovy, hike with us on days when my daughter works. They are both rescues off the Crow Reservation in Montana. Walrus is 5 and Anchovy is probably less than a year old. We think they’re half brothers because they look so much alike, but Anchovy is much shorter than Walrus. You can thank my daughter for their names!
Q6: What are you currently reading?

A6: I mostly read nonfiction. I work at the library so get to bring home a lot of books. Currently I’m reading The Secret Wisdom of Nature, Peter Wohllenben; How to be a Stoic, Massimo Pigliucci; and The Living Landscape: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden, Rick Darke and Douglas W. Tallamy.

We just got an order of children's books and my favorites were, Mr. Scruff, Simon James; I want a Dog, Jon Agee; and Dog Heaven, Cynthia Rylant. I made half the library staff read Dog H

Q7: What are some of the first books you remember as a child?
Do you have memories of writing when you were younger?

A7: I poured over my family’s copy of National Geographic’s Wild Animals of North America. I also had dog breed encyclopedias and read anything that featured animals. I didn’t read the Little House on the Prairie series until I was an adult. If the book featured a person, chances were good that I wouldn’t read it. And I didn’t read horse books, because obviously, dogs were far superior to dogs. I very distinctly remember writing a little book as a school assignment. My title was, “The Boy Who Thought He was a Stamp.” My teacher was totally unimpressed and said something about a better try the next time. I didn’t write for a long time after that.

Q8: What current WIP or non writing project are you working on? 
A8: I actually haven’t done a lot of writing for kids the last couple of years. I’ve had some family issues, health issues and was concentrating on getting my Adventure Guide to Cody published. I do have a couple nonfiction PB’s I’ve been working on for awhile. I did a mentorship with Lisa Amstutz and that was really helpful in getting those two manuscripts finished and polished up. I need to get them off on submission before the end of year holiday lull. 
Red Canyon, Wyoming
Q9: Rite in Rain, Defying Mother Nature creates durable and useful memo books and journals for outdoor use that are environmentally friendly. Do you have a pen, pencil, and/or journal of your choice?

A9: I do most of my writing and journaling when I get back home, unless something really strikes me when I’m out. I love pretty journals, and beautiful pens, but I usually end up writing on a spiral notebook with a free ballpoint I picked up somewhere. Those back to school sales and their 4 for $1 spiral notebooks get me every year. I do have a few pens I keep at home as my good writing pens, which means you’d better not use them!
Q10: Published authors inspire us. Studying carefully crafted books
as mentor texts help writers grow as writers. Name one, two, or three favorite authors and why you like and respect their work.

A10: I absolutely love Kate Messner’s nonfiction picture books, especially her “Over and Under” series. They are perfect in every way - from the text, to the author’s notes, and the illustrations. I also enjoy Nancy Churnin’s biographies - it’s been fun to follow her success and see which people she will write about next. The book that got me thinking that maybe I could write was Chipmunk Song, by Joanne Ryder and illustrated by Lynne Cherry. It was an early (1987) nature-focused picture book that was lyrical and lovely. 

Bison with Ancient Wisdom Eyes

Q11: I note several excellent articles written by you in Yellowstone Valley Woman, YVW. Tell us about the free magazine that “strives to be the leading voice for women and women’s issues in the Billings area”.

A11: I had already done some freelance writing for local publications when I contacted the editor at YVW and asked if they needed someone to cover the southern end of their distribution area. I’ve written several articles for YVW and their sister publication, Raised in the West. It’s always fun and I learn so much. Most recently I wrote an article about my recent brush with breast cancer.

Q12: Finally, where can the followers of the GROG Blog
find more about you?

A12: Leslie's guide on Amazon: ADVENTURE GUIDE TO CODY
Posts by Leslie: Yellowstone Valley Woman 
Instagram: Sagebrush Lessons 

Thank you, Leslie, for sharing the many wondrous views from your adventures, through your photography, and interesting facts about Wyoming.


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