Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Move Forward With SMART Goals for 2021

By Suzy Leopold

    With a new beginning many review and reflect on the 2020 year and then move forward into 2021 by making personal and/or career resolutions.

    Did you make resolutions or did you set goals as a new year was ushered in?

    Resolutions can be defined as a promise or a wish to do better. Most often resolutions are made with good intentions, purpose, and determination. However, by February many resolutions are left behind. They become abandoned resolutions.

    Most often goals include tangible objectives and plans for what one intends to accomplish all through determination. Goal setting provides direction to achieve desired outcomes. 

    To be more precise—set SMART goals.

    What are SMART Goals?

    Setting SMART Goals is a concept to achieve results.

    To achieve a successful end result with creativity on your side, consider establishing SMART Goals. 

    They are tangible, specific goals that are measured, possible, and achievable. They are relevant goals to match your needs in a timely fashion.

    Begin by identifying three or four goals. Make sure they meet the elements of a SMART goal. Are they concrete and specific? Can you quantify and measure them? Can you achieve them realistically? Are the goals relevant to your ultimate goal? Adjust as need be to make the dreams and desires come true. Set the bar higher if you discover the SMART goals you set are not challenging you. Fine tune and recalibrate goals if they are not practical. Consider long-term and short-term goals.

    Examine these SMART Goal examples and non examples.

Can you identify which ones will achieve the best results for success? 

An estimated 188.9 million American adults are determine to better themselves in 2021 by:

  • Learning something new 
  • Making lifestyle changes
  • Setting goals

Another interesting fact: 

  • 71 % of Americans are feeling hopeful in 2021.

For additional information:

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Writing Goals: 2021

    If you made resolutions or goals for the new year, you may want reconsider. It’s not too late to consider SMART Goals to achieve successful results. SMART Goals can be written as personal or professional goals anytime. Take these ideas and make them your own. SMART Goals are unique to each individual. 

    Celebrate your success along the way as you continue to move forward through the year.

    May you find insight and inspiration for your writing and/or illustrating journey by setting SMART Goals. May your promises to achieve with purpose equal success in 2021.

    Every new year is a time for renewal and a new beginning. Start 2021 off right by reading, writing, and creating with established SMART Goals.

 “You are the key to achieving your goals.

No one else is going to do it for you.

Go find your star and make it shine.”

~Mike Ciccotello, author and illustrator


  1. Such great examples, Suzy. Ty for making setting goals so clear. Love the images, too.

    1. Hi, Kathy!

      I’m thankful you found clear and helpful goal setting ideas. All the best with goals=success.

      Enjoy the photos from the Illinois Prairie.

  2. Great post! The examples really explain and make the goal setting process much simpler (IF that is possible). Thank you! I agree with Kathy. Your graphics are perfect!

    1. May you consider setting SMART Goals, Angie, and discover doing so is possible.

      Thank you for your continued support of the GROG Blog.

  3. Good post & tips, Suzie. I like Mike's quote, especially at the end.

    1. Continue to shine bright, Tina, with the many books you write.

  4. specific goals are so much better that generalized "resolutions" - thanks for giving concrete examples.

    1. Resolutions are usually well intended and can be encouraging. In my opinion, SMART Goals are the way to go.

  5. I don't make resolutions. However, I do set realistic or "smart" goals. I plan my goals and usually find success. Thank you, Suzy, for this inspiring post and examples! Wishing everyone all good things in 2021!

    1. May you achieve success with your realistic goals, Charlotte.

      All the best.

  6. Yes! I've reflected on 2020, and have made plans for 2021! Looking forward to getting things done! Thanks for this post!

    1. Jilanne: Such a positive attitude as your move forward “to getting things done!”

  7. You have given us the tools for 2021 and how to approach our writing goals. I am looking for my star and hoping to give it a bright shine!