Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PiBoIdMo - Picture Book Idea Month- WARNING: Pie Might Be Involved by Kathy Halsey

No matter how you say it phonetically, "Pie. Bow. Id. Mow." it's time to sharpen those pencils and minds (wait, that would hurt) for a super challenge, Picture Book Idea Month! Find all the info you need at Tara Lazar's blog/website.

This is my second year for the challenge and this year Tara is even including instructions on how a classroom of kids could signup. What fun for all! 
"November?"you say. Yes, we are all busy come November, but one of last year's suggestions fueled a story that snagged me an agent...just saying...

Here's the 411...

1. It's' a daily challenge to come up with a new idea for 30 straight days.
2. There are great prizes, fabulous camaraderie, and it's free.
3. On Tara's blog, writing luminaries host and share their process to stay energized and find new ideas. You can hang out with Molly Idle, Aaron Reynolds & others!
4. Sign up is October 25-Nov. 4 here

Here's are tips to keep you organized...

1. AM is the best time for me to do this before the day takes shape. I always feel accomplished once I've written.
2. Blog posts come via my email and I create a folder for them in mail so I can always refer to them later.
3. I use a graphic organizer for each day to cover these areas: Doodle, Date, Idea, Title, Concept/Storyline (no more than a graph unless I'm on a roll), Themes that fit story.

4. No worries if you can't fill all the requisite days or spots on your graphic organizer! Some days will flow better than others. Just keep up momentum!
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1. New writing buds.
2. New discipline. 
3. Oh, and maybe pie...


  1. I can't wait! I participated last year for the first time, and found it to be so worthwhile. Thanks for the tips on how to keep organized. I need that and the pie. I hope there will be more pie and maybe some chocolate.

  2. Thank you for the organizational help, Kathy! I tried PiBoIdMo last month but didn't keep on top of things enough to have a full stable of ideas. Yet, it only takes ONE idea to get moving on a story! I'm so happy for you that one of last year's idea was the inspiration that led to your newly-agented book. :)

    1. "Last month"?! "Last year"! Yikes, my brain is in worse shape than I thought!

    2. Oh, I read it the way it was in your mind. We must be sisters, Pat. lol

  3. Great post Kathy. Right now I have pumpkin pie on my mind! (Candaian Thanksgiving last weekend) Took part last year and plan to this year.

    1. Great, Beverley- we'll cheer each other on to the Pie finish line.

  4. Kathy: The days are quickly moving along. I can't believe that November is almost here! I, too am looking forward to participating, once again in PiBoIdMo with Tara Lazar and many writerly friends. Each and every day is filled with new knowledge and inspiration.

  5. I made some pie comments and I think my computer ate them... but yes, I love Pi-Bo. Even if I don't get 30 ideas (and that hasn't happened yet...) I end up with more than I started.

  6. Will turn for my 2nd year. Appreciations for the lively reminder that the start approacheth.
    Great organizational tips/aides Kathy.
    Brava! for creating a 2013 PiBoldMo idea that led to top agentry in 2014 & will bring us an actual in our hands book for 2015!!
    Thinking Tara Lazar would want to mention this on her blog if she hasn't already. Sweet success story.
    See you around the idea club next month...

  7. Love the graphic organizer tip. I am a newbie to PiBoIdMo and was already wondering how to organize myself for the 30 days. All my ideas are scattered in various journals with sticky notes over the years. I'm looking forward to bringing more discipline to my writing, meeting fabulous new people and of course having lots of fun eating pies, oh wait, I mean baking pies, nope that's not it, throwing pies. I look forward to having lots fun in PiBoIdMo.

  8. I love this challenge. I did it for the first time last year and have to say that three of the ideas have been fully developed and are sent out to publishers right now. I love your organizer Kathy and have it sitting at my writing desk to use each day. Thank you. Good luck to all who are participating. I found a couple of apps that have helped me too:



    I highly recommend them for those of us who get 'stuck' sometimes.

    Now, off to find some PIE!