Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Summer! Some Are Writing Haiku by Kathy Halsey

Happy Haiku for You 

Sometimes in summer, we need to lighten or change our routines. I needed to lighten my mood early this summer after receiving a professional critique that made me feel like I was couldn't write my way out of a paper bag. I actually stopped writing, but haiku came to my rescue!

I sat on the back deck pouting with my journal, observing nature - clematis, sunflowers, and kids frolicking with their dad. I doodled with words. The simple, 3 line, 5-7-5 haiku format seemed safe. I couldn't mess that up, right?  RIGHT.  

My journaling flowed, haiku made me happy. BAM! I was writing. I even used haiku to attack a shelved story, now ready to submit. Switching gears and formats made the difference! 

Join Me in Some Haiku

I'm sharing my haiku and some photos as possible prompts. Join in the fun and share your haiku in the comments. Traditional haiku is more contemplative but some of mine are active. (and may fudge a syllable or 2.) Just play and do it your way.


Tall purple iris.
Show off your fascinator.
Queen of the garden.

Garden sunshine blooms.
Follows the sun. Petal power.
Stretch to azure sky.

A smooth oblong stone.
A carefree rock skimmer with
perfect form. Skip . . . splash!

Clematis climbs, winds
its crisscross highway of vines
intersect. Find sun.

Here's one just for fun! Can't wait to see what haiku comes from you!


  1. Fun! I usually post Haiku on Wednesdays on my blog. I LOVE combining my photos with Haiku. It is freeing, to write in such a constrained way. Word play!

  2. Gray and empty land
    cold to bare against the rose
    its spirit still breathes.

  3. Apples and leaves drift,

    a red blanket preparing

    trees for winter sleep.

  4. Lovely post--thanks for sharing. Now to write one about that flying cat... ;-)

  5. These are wonderful, Kathy! Haiku is a great way to meditate and slow down to see the world around us. The best part: they are postcard short! Thanks for sharing yours.

  6. I loved this, Kathy! And I was thinking about this post as I strolled along the waterfront with my dog and looked across the river to see: The Freedom Tower/Draped in a mantle of gray/Shrouded. Seeking Peace.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. My CP is on a roll with creativity! Love the challenge Kathy. Here goes for kitty:

    Flying! Eyes steady!
    Look out birdy! Here I come!
    FLAP! Kibble again.

  8. How fun. I love haiku. Great post!

    1. Thank you, Tina. Loved it since I was in grade school. Began reading Bashō around 7th grade!

  9. Beautiful haiku, Kathy! Haiku makes me happy, too. :)

  10. Always great to add a smile to your day, Patty. Hugs and thanks for the twitter shoutout! :)

  11. Hi Kathy!

    I've never attempted to write haiku before, although I've written plenty of poetry over the years. Your ginger cat photo inspired me to give it a try...

    Magical kitty,
    seeming to float on thin air.
    Warrior feline.

    Great post!

    Donna L Martin