Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Summer Writing

By Suzy Leopold

    Summertime is for reading, writing, exploring, and discovering. It includes a somewhat slower pace with outings, travels, and vacations.

    Many educators and students are returning to school this month. Others will hear the school bell ring in September. Soon students will read and write; learn and grow.

    Let’s create a poetree—a cinquain about a tree.

Welcome to the Illinois Prairie

    A cinquain is five-line poem inspired by nature. 

    Here are the steps to write a cinquain poem:

  • Line 1: One word title, a noun that identifies your topic
  • Line 2: Two adjectives that describe your topic 
  • Line 3: Three -ing verbs that describe action
  • Line 4: A phrase that describes something about your topic 
  • Line 5: A noun that is a synonym or another way to name your topic
    Think about the activities and adventures you participated in during the summer. What memories did you create? Perhaps it was fun in the backyard, a visit to the lake, a museum outing, or even a hike through the forest.

Weeping Willow

    Sharing my example:


Green, tall

Growing, Cascading, Swaying

Many birds like to nest


A Robin’s Nest in a Willow Tree 
    If you create and write a cinquain poem, share it in the comments section.

    Happy reading and writing.


  1. I always love writing poems that have rules- like cinquain, limericks, and haiku. Love your art, photo and poetry here! Lots of creativity inspired by the prairie! Ty, Susie. :)

    1. Your comment and support are appreciated, Kathy.

      I agree with you. Templates for creating poems are helpful to me as well.

      Happy writing.

  2. HOPE
    Peaceful, Courageous
    Encouraging, Strengthening, Enduring
    Hope in tomorrow makes today better

    1. There truly is hope.

      Thank you, Jean, for sharing your lovely piece that reminds us of hope in each day.


  3. Suzy, thank you for reminding me to enjoy summer's bounty and activities. I was stuck in a rut and you've pulled me out! Here's a cinquain to celebrate one of my favorites: Honeybee
    Yellow, Black
    Buzzing, Flitting, Collecting
    People like their efforts

    1. Cute Charlotte!

      Such a beeutiful Cinquain! 🐝 Thank you for participating.
      May you continue to bee busy with more ideas for writing.


  4. Replies
    1. Hope this idea helped writers who follow the GROG Blog.

      Happy writing, Sue.