Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A WRITER’S RESOLUTION ~ Jackie Wellington

In less than 24 hours, it will be a new year. Time to render resolutions, set goals, and establish work habits. And writers are not exempt. So what are the writer’s resolution? Lose weight? Maybe! Get out of debt? Definitely! Write more? ABSOLUTELY!!! Here are three things EVERY writer should put on their resolution list for 2015.
1.    Schedule Writing Time.
A Writer Writes! Point! Blank! Period!!! So schedule time to write. We have busy lives, but we cannot consider ourselves writers if we do not write. If you need help, check out writing challenges such as 365K, Writer’s Digest 30-Minute Writing Challenge, and P&W Writer’s Challenge.
2. Find An Agent.
Research agents. Follow them on Twitter. Read their blogs. Find out who their clients are and read their books. Then query! Query! Query! Do not be afraid of rejections. Rejection is a good thing to writers. Think about it. Normally, you might end up with a rejection which is not a form letter. It might be the one which gives a list of ways to make the manuscript better. See, a critique you didn’t have to pay for. These agencies are looking for new clients - Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Erin Murphy Literary Agency, and Writer’s Digest Guide to Lit. Agencies.
3. Read books in the genre in which you write.
To be great writers, we have to be great readers. If you write picture books, read picture books. If you write Middle Grade, read Middle Grade. If you write Young Adult, read Young Adult. Read! Read! Read! 
Now, set up your write station. Gather your supplies. And prepare to write and make history in 2015. Also, here is a bonus poem. Something for you to ponder. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Happy New Year

Well, I woke up this morning
to a beautiful day
2014 is slipping away
2015 is here to stay
Time to make new wishes,
Cause that's what they are
The word "resolution"
is outdated by far

It's outdated to me
‘Cause we seldom follow through
Pledging to eat healthy,
lose weight,
just to name a few
But what makes "resolution"
the word not to use
“Cause it means "perseverance" and quitting is what we choose

January and February,
our resolution is kick in gear
March, April, May
quitting is getting near
June comes around,
no more gym to see
July, it's official,
resolution is decease

But what if we approach
the new year differently
Instead of "resolution",
"New Years Wish" is the key
We can wish to be thinner,
healthier, and mature
Wish to get out of debt,
and be financially secure

‘Cause if we make a wish
We hope it will come true
But in case it doesn't happen,
our self-esteem we wouldn't lose
And then we won't feel like a failure,
when our attempts didn't succeed
So death to you "resolution",

"New Years Wish" is what we need


  1. Dear Jackie,
    Thank you for your poem-making.
    I hope many more poem posts from you will make the scene,
    here in 2015!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Lovely poem, Jackie! I've seen in Korea where they write a New Year's wish and tie it on a tree or something like that.

  3. Jackie: My resolutions or shall I say goals are to read more, write more and create more. Happy New Year. ~Suzy

  4. Thanks Jackie! Happy to read this on the first day of 2015. Here's to more writing time in 2015.

  5. Happy 2015, Jackie! Your poem has started us off with a smile.

  6. Happy New Years!!!! Lovely poem and great tips to start us off on the write track for 2015 :)

  7. This is sound advice, Jackie. . . and doable! You are right. A writer isn't a writer if he or she doesn't write. Thanks for the reminder and motivation. Happy New Year!