Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Giveaway + Unhappy about David Pogue by Jan Godown Annino

            I fast become underwhelmed with new technology news. Not overwhelmed.

            Each new nextgen flipperdoodle that wants my attention & money has to compete against my time with





Too. Much. Wonderful. Here. 
To do with family, community, or rambling solo on a writing- in- my-head-while-walking perambulation. So new tech has to be better than all that.  But even if I'm not going to be using much of it, I crave to keep knowledgeable. 

Here are one, two, three ways that I begin to understand important new gadgets or process developments, which many folks, such as your basic snowed-in Banks Islander, employ to be happy, stay busy, keep the neurons firing.

And let me say, I never know when the next Animoto type book trailer gizmo offering 30 seconds of free wizardry will roll out. I loved playing with Animoto for the book trailer. When an irresistible gizmo pops up, I’ll know to use it. Thanks to:

DAVID POGUE, The New York Times' former personal tech. columnist & award-winning writer. Although I have his archived pieces to console myself with, I miss David Pogue. He was the best tech reporter I read. And his departure at the end of 2013 for Yahoo sent readers off to eat extra scoops of coconut ice cream in their misery. His Times associates haven’t abandoned my need for information. And they sweetly collect their talented colleague's works, which they no doubt learned much from.

TECHZULU. Frequently the sun rises in the west, as far as my knowing of new developments, such as StoryBots & salted caramel. The California based TECHZULU provides go-to news. Here is their report with video, from the first inklings I gleaned about StoryBotsNoodle around the categories & find your favorite departments.. And alert your daughter or son, who is the next David Pogue, to apply at TECHZULU with a whisper that I sent them.

SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL. Can’t praise SLJ enough. This meaty standard of our children’s literature world doesn’t leave me wanting for tech news that specifically relates to all things publishing & children’s lit.  SLJ delivers with concise & savvy details, but doesn't overload. Currently the department I most access is The Digital Shift & the names I seem to see at the top of stories I read are Sarah Bayliss & Roy Tennant. But I trust any byline.
So that’s only 3 mega-sources. 
I'm sure there are others.


About the subject of this blog.
Or about writing for children.

With each comment also  leave your real name if that is not the automatic comment name (for example, when mine isn’t my name, it is Bookseedstudio.)

Two prize-winners:


A surprise item from my children’s literature vault (U.S. & Canada postal mail, only.)


A complimentary critique of your poem for children, up to 50 words (so, several children's poems, possibly.)

The winners pick prize One, or Two
(Two is automatically yours if you are outside Canada & the U.S.)

For this drawing supervised by the bunny helper in the magician’s hat, 
comments must be left on this particular post (& not emailed, called in, sent by semaphores, postal package, or other method) through NOON EST, Wed. MAY 28th 2014.
 So why not get them in by May 27? 
Or even, this week?
Good luck! 

Further note - enter up to 3 times, any time before deadline.
Remember to include your real name each time, with differing comments, of course. 
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  1. Thanks for the resources, Jan. If I ever want to start thinking about technology beyond my limited scope, I now know where to start. I love the way you demonstrated what technology has to compete with. It obviously has some powerful opponents ;-)

    1. Wow - hadn't thought of my beloved priorities as opponents to anything but it's a clever word usage. The word underscores that we make statements b how we spend our time.
      Your support of the Groggers/Group Blog, is a good thing for us & thank ye back at ye for this visit.

  2. I've subscribed to some of SLJ's newsletters to keep up-to-date with book news, but never thought to use them as a resource for tech news. Good suggestion, Jan!

    1. In agreement with you about the SLJ book news. When a void happened with Pogue's leaving The Times, it was easy to look at sites I already visited to see what they offered. School Library Journal has this department & it's geared directly to our areas. Do you think I should do an interview for Group Blog, with someone from their tech news side- talking out loud here. Whatdoyouthink?

    2. Would be interesting. Maybe we can help brainstorm some questions...

  3. I thought about subscribing to SLJ. I'll have to look into it. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Christine - it's a mighty fine resource.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi Jan: Must add these sites to my list of resources. Thank you for sharing new information with me, including the word: *net neutrality* AKA Internet. How genrouse of you to share prizes. ~Suzy Leopold

  7. Hope you win Suzy & glad this is helpful.
    Garden Girl is such a fabulous online name.

    1. Oop! Spell check: generous. Now, it is time to pull some more weeds from the garden before the rain begins! ;)

  8. Hi Jan - What a great topic and interesting resources. I think we all struggle with technology and trying to find the right balance of it in our lives. On the one hand, it offers connection and convenience, which help us succeed, and yet it threatens to intrude on the quiet interludes that also sustain us. Thanks for helping us navigate the techie terrain. Ann Morrow

  9. Hi Ann, Thanks for visiting when you are so bizee. Glad the resources can help.