Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Yes, here we are up in the mountains in beautiful Enota, ready to get our "write on," with guru, nonfiction maven, Kristen Fulton. We GROGers have never met our own tribe in person before, so this is a real treat. BUT, we've been so immersed in writing that I can hardly get this post done, so stay tuned for more and pictures to come on Friday.
GROGERs kick up their heels.

Today we were treated to an amazingly prolific picture book author, Lisa Wheeler. She condensed her popular Picture Book Boot Camp workshop, and went all "camo" (camouflage) on us. If you get the chance to listen to Lisa Wheeler or take a course, do it! Lisa's sessions today were so inspirational, I began to immediately fiddle with the manuscripts that I brought to the WOW retreat. 

Here are some of Lisa's most memorable nuggets for writers that I gathered today. Enjoy and learn from one of the masters:

1. Study script. It's an awesome way to learn to write a picture book.

2. Part of the fun of being a writer is that we (writers) get to be the boss. We get to tell the characters what to do.

3. A picture book should have bookends. (on the importance of the beginning and the ending)

4. ANYTHING that takes your reader out of the book has to be fixed.

5.  When a story amused you, show it to others. (How you know  you're ready for feedback.)

6. Lisa on talking animals: Yes, you can write about them. An aside on the subject: A picture book writer asks a publisher,"Do you buy talking animals?" Publisher's answer,"It depends on what the animals have to say."



  1. Thanks for taking a break from the workshop to give everyone some nuggets of advice and inspiration. I'm so happy that you GROGgers had a chance to get together while soaking it all up. Have a great time!

  2. Well done, Kathy. I'm having a great time. You're a big part of the fun. You've been so helpful to so many here. Our pb drafts thank you.

  3. Great photo! Thanks for summing up your class with Lisa!

  4. So so so jealous! So so so glad you will be sharing these gold nuggets of wisdom. (Hoping there's an old grayheaded fella in that group pic next year. ) Have fun and keep sharing bits and pieces. :).

  5. That makes sense - it DOES depend on what the animals have to say! I love it!

  6. Thinking of everyone and wishing you the best as you create many memories together. Such an outstanding opportunity as the *GROG Girls* come together to polish their writing and to grow as friends. ~Suzy

  7. This is so good! Now I can identify you all. What a fantastically insightful week we are having!

  8. Thanks for sharing the news and pictures! What a fun opportunity for you all to learn and bond together!

  9. Kristin thanks for organizing this & Kathy thanks for posting today & futurwise.

    Great tips from one of the best read-aloud picture book authors in the land. I can tell the Lisa Wheeler creativity glow is all about everyone there.

    I read her books to kids in school, especially UGLY PIE. Two writers who help me out with my garbled text regularly, attended one of her picture book boot camps & have benefited mightily.

    That's a timely comment Lisa passed on, from an editor, about animals talking, as I am recently guilty have having them not saying much. Back to the drawing board & thanks for the reminder.

  10. What an awesome conference! You guys rock!