Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pinterest for Writers Part 2 by Tina Cho

Welcome back!
This is a continuation of Pinterest for Writers which you can read part 1 here, if you haven't done so.

I already established why authors should use Pinterest. Did you know there's also a set time that's better for pinning to reach your followers?

According to Fannit Marketing Services, the best time to pin is on Saturdays from 2-4 pm, and 8-11 pm. Perhaps that's when women have downtime and can spend it perusing Pinterest without kiddos bothering them. The infographic listed here also shows posting times for other social media sites as well.

I usually check the Pinterest board feed once a week and pin to MY boards when I come across things I want to save. As with all social media, use your time wisely, and you'll get a lot accomplished in your day.

Another thing to remember about Pinterest is that teachers LOVE Pinterest. They pin lesson plans, books to use in the classroom, and crafts. I have a Teachers Pay Teachers store and created a board for my TpT items. Educators repin those pins along with other educational products I've written for work-for-hire publishers. If you want your books to get noticed by teachers, start an educational board to attract teacher followers. You could also make a board and pin lesson plans and teacher guides that relate to your book. Author Barb Rosenstock has a wonderful board of teacher-related items for her picture book The Noisy Paint Box. 

More ideas for boards:
  • quotes for writers
  • setting for your book (scenes, character's bedroom, maps)
  • info about your characters (favorite food, clothing styles, pictures, pets)
  • how-to boards (I have a how to write a novel board and everything pertaining to that goes on that board)
  • poetry
  • other ideas were listed in part 1

Lastly, did you know there are SECRET boards? You can make a board and in the settings click the button to make it a secret board for your eyes only. I made one secret board for my current WIP which takes place in North Korea. I've pinned scenes, people, web sites, and articles that pertain to this WIP. Why a secret? Well, I don't think my followers would like to be bombarded with pins about North Korea, and secondly, sometimes a WIP is secretive until it goes out into the world :) Try making a secret board for your research or anything that you want for your eyes only. 

If you want to learn how to gain more followers or use Pinterest more wisely, check the articles pinned on this board.

If you're a newbie to Pinterest and want to know how to pin and set up your boards, check this video.

And here are boards of some of the groggers. Feel free to follow all or some of our boards!
(Thanks Grog friends for sharing Pinterest tips!)

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Happy Pinning!


  1. Thanks, Tina! Who knew that there was a best time to pin? I usually begin my boards as "secret" -- if they only have a few measly pins, they look so sad, so I wait until I have 15 pins or so. You CAN'T reverse the process once you change a secret board to public, so I always err on the side of being slow to do it.

  2. That's something new I didn't know. Good tip, thanks, Patty!

  3. Gre8t Pinterest lore & stats! Luv Part 1 & Part 2 of this article series, Tina.

    Of your own boards, care to say what your favorite is?

    1. I don't have a favorite, but I'm currently using my "how-to-write a novel board" my secret WIP board, and educational boards for teaching ideas.

  4. Thanks, Tina! I didn't know how that whole secret board thing worked but I might use it for a WIP until it sells. (Fingers crossed!)

    1. Glad you learned something new, Cathy! Hope it works for you.

  5. Thank you for this tip about the secret boards. I had NO idea they were there. Sweet news. Now to get over there and to create my writing boards...

  6. Tina, this was an informative post about Pinterest, especially the best times to share items on social media platforms. I only have so many precious hours in a day, so I'd rather post when it's most effective. Love all the Grog Blog "Pinsters", :-)

    1. I'm following some of your boards now, too, Tracy.

  7. Such a helpful post, once again. Thanks to all the Groggers!!

    1. Glad! I have to find your boards to follow.

  8. Another great post about using Pinterest! I especially like the idea to have boards for my characters, settings, etc.!

  9. As you well know, Tina . . . I love Pinterest. I think I need to make one board! That would make a total of 150 boards for my 5,000+ followers.

  10. Hi Tina, Great post! Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to figure out hot to get my blogs posts pinned to pinterest. Any suggestions? Also - I would love to see your board on North Korea! I was oh-so-close this summer when I was in Dandong.